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Why Us?

Software projects are hard to get right. It takes years of organisational experience to build the right thing, in a maintainable way, on time, and on budget – but that’s what we do.

We don’t just write code, we provide IT strategy consultancy, business analysis, design (both technical and visual), development, testing, performance testing & optimisation, data migration, hosting, and support. Everything you need to go from a business objective to a running solution.

We help other software companies handle peaks in demand more effectively than using temporary contractors. By being available when they need us and retaining the knowledge we’ve gained even when they don’t.

We also help non-software companies, bringing the benefit of our technical skills and project management experience to build systems that add millions of pounds of business value.

D4 designed Hopper from the ground up, they were the brains behind the whole thing, we couldn’t have built this without their input. Very technically competent, but also very easy to work with; they communicated technical matters simply and clearly.

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D4 listened to everyone, understood exactly what we needed, and built a bespoke database application that fitted our business beautifully. It’s saved us a huge amount of time and made us way more productive as a result.

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Our Approach

There’s more to building software than just knowing how to code. And over the years, we’ve perfected an iterative development process, which ensures that nothing gets lost in translation.

While the duration of each iteration may vary, we follow a very specific set of steps in each and every case, scaling the depth of the supporting documentation we produce accordingly.

The result is a tried and tested approach to software development that delivers applications, of all shapes and sizes, that are fit for purpose.

Business case

Perhaps the most important step in the process, this is the bit where we sit back and listen intently, as you talk us through your project goals, your initial ideas and rough timelines. We’ll use our estimation framework to give you an idea of the cost / timescales, and talk about how that aligns with your company’s goals.

Requirement gathering

Once we understand what you’re looking for, it’s time to talk requirements and deliverables. Putting everything down on paper ensures we smoke out all of those hidden assumptions, clarifying precisely what you’re expecting from us.


Our lightweight design templates are based around simple user interface wireframes, which are accompanied by plain English descriptions of what happens and when. By walking you through what your software will look like and do before we begin building, we are able to identify any issues and make changes in a matter of seconds, not hours.


This is where we go to work, producing simple and elegant code that delivers the feature-rich application that will help your business run more smoothly.


Thorough testing is the cornerstone of any software development project. This is the bit where we make sure that the tech does everything that we agreed during the design phase.

User Acceptance

Unlike some developers, we understand the job isn’t complete when the tech works on our machines. We know it’s vital to ensure you software meets the requirements we outlined at the start of the process, and we’ll be there to deal with the issues until the job is done.

Go-Live and Support

Installing systems, migrating data and training users is all part of our comprehensive service. When you’re satisfied that everything is working as it should be, it’s entirely up to you whether, moving forward, you look after your users yourself or you’d like us to do it. But whatever you decide, you’ll find our user manuals and/or online support systems employ plain speaking, no-nonsense language.


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New look, new plans & new pricing for QueryTree

We’re excited to announce some great news about our ad-hoc reporting tool QueryTree, live and available to all users today.

New plans & pricing

We’ve overhauled our pricing model to make QueryTree more accessible and useful to a wider audience. Our Basic plan now allows 2 database connections (one for development, one for production maybe?) and up to 10 users – and now costs just $29 per month.

We still have Standard and Professional plans which offer 15 and 40 databases respectively. We’ll even build you a custom plan if you have bigger reporting needs.

Every plan allows you to build unlimited reports and comes with a 14 day free trial.

New look

We’ve given QueryTree a lick of paint and made the user interface cleaner, bigger and more ‘airy’. We want QueryTree to feel like a friendly tool for non-technical users to get the most out of their data.

Invite your team

We’ve made it even easier to build and share reports inside your organisation. Our new ‘Invite your team’ feature lets you add colleagues and give them rights to view, edit or administer the account.

Not new old news

As you may have seen – we’ve added support for PostgreSQL databases alongside our existing support for MySQL and MS SQL Server.

Happy reporting!

-Team D4

Our ad-hoc reporting tool now supports PostgreSQL

QueryTree Supports PostgreSQL

QueryTree now supports PostgreSQL

We’re delighted to announce that our ad-hoc reporting tool QueryTree has today added support for PostgreSQL databases, along with our existing support for MS SQL Server and MySQL.

You can get started and hook up your PostgreSQL database right now – including databases hosted on Amazon (AWS) RDS and Microsoft Azure.

QueryTree is the flexible and easy to use ad-hoc report builder that works with any database – just enter your database’s details, and invite non-developers in to build and share reports using our powerful drag and drop report builder.

As always, we’d love to hear any feedback you have on QueryTree.



Why your ad-hoc reporting BI tool needs to be web based

The biggest challenge facing non-technical teams with reporting needs isn’t software capability – it’s adoption.

Your internal customers need to build, share and edit ad-hoc reports quickly and simply, and relying on a Windows desktop install is an extra barrier to adoption that should be best avoided.

We built QueryTree as a web app – one that works with any modern web browser and both MySQL and MS SQL Server databases – to solve this problem.

Non-technical teams with reporting needs can sign in using their browser from anywhere, and get instant access to view, export and build new reports in seconds.

If you have a database and a non-technical team with reporting needs, check out QueryTree – build your first report for free and let your users answer their own questions.

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